The best strategy conversations start with two words: What if……


  • What if we became a truly digital business?
  • What if we halved our product offering?
  • What if we could double our speed to market?
  • What if we were able to create completely bespoke solutions for all our customers?
  • What if we did away with a head office?
  • What if we decided to become an international – and not just national – player?
  • What if we lowered all our prices by 25%?
  • What if we increased all our prices by 50%?


The power of ‘What if?’ questions is that they allow you to imagine. They don’t say that you will, or even that you should; they just allow you to consider the consequences of possible actions and futures.

Strategy conversations that start with ‘What if?’ tend to be less antagonistic, more engaging and, ultimately, more insightful and rewarding.

What if you started your strategy conversations with a few ‘What if?’ questions of your own?


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