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Powerful strategies for dramatic growth

All too often businesses invest in the development of new strategies that fail to engage, fail to land and fail to deliver growth.

Approaches that involve 100-page decks, full-day presentations by consultants and seemingly endless meetings, don’t lead to change and don’t lead to high performance.

The Strategy Powerhouse is different – and better – rapidly delivering powerful strategies that are fully-owned by the leadership teams that have created them.

Our new, dynamic approach, The Strategy Powerhouse, integrates and builds on my 20 years’ experience working with market-leading businesses to deliver accelerated growth and profitability. For the first time, I’ve pulled together into one programme everything that works, discarded everything that doesn’t, and added a few unique features.

The result is a strategic programme that is fast, sustainable, enjoyable and – most importantly – has the power to transform your business.

The Strategy Powerhouse Difference

Among the benefits of The Strategy Powerhouse are:

  • You will work with consultants with a track record of delivering rapid results and dramatic growth at some of the UK’s top companies
  • You will make rapid progress – we take days, not months, to develop a new, compelling strategy
  • You will develop a laser-like focus on the key factors that will make the biggest difference to your growth and profitability
  • We work in a genuine partnership, ensuring that it’s you and your team’s strategy that results from our work together, not ours
  • Your leadership team will be fully aligned around a clear, compelling ambition and set of priorities
  • You will move to rapid action, not engage in endless analysis
  • You will have access to a range of unique and powerful strategy development and management tools, and we will transfer those tools and skills to your leadership teams so that you can sustain success
  • You will build wider organisational engagement and commitment as you develop and deliver the new strategy

The Strategy Powerhouse will challenge you and your teams, but it will also give you the tools, the support and the collective commitment to deliver breakthrough, innovative solutions to your most challenging strategic issues.

How It Works – Our Unique Approach

We use a structured, modular approach that works at any level within your organisation – entire business, division, category or functional team.

Every assignment is designed around your specific needs and objectives, but each programme is built on three core Powerhouse modules:

Module 1 – Powerhouse Strategy:

Rapidly creating a clear, compelling growth strategy


We work with your leadership team – anything from a small executive committee to a wider leadership group of 25 or more senior managers – to identify and integrate performance and organisational insights with future possibilities, and to create a strategy with the power to transform your growth.

Key elements include:

  • Creation of strategy leadership team
  • Development of 3-dimensional insight pack
  • Structured briefings and homework for leadership team
  • High-intensity workshop for the leadership team to develop outline strategy
  • Series of analytical and creative tools and approaches to create options and ideas
  • Clarification and refinement of (1) Your #1 goal; (2) Your future ‘playing field’; (3) How you will win in your markets; and (4) Your agenda for action
  • Ownership of your big strategy projects, together and outline delivery plan and initial performance milestones

Module 2 – Powerhouse Acceleration:

Moving to rapid launch and organising for delivery success


Involving and engaging teams from across your organisation, and using rapid action projects to begin the delivery of the strategy, you will quickly see initial successes and results.


Key elements include:

  • Creation of ‘strategic pillar’ teams for each of your major strategy projects
  • Support for each team to develop and refine implementation plans, ensure effective resource allocation and facilitate the delivery of initial successes in line with your strategic milestones
  • Creation of a strategy executive team to oversee the delivery of the strategy, together with meeting structures, agendas, roles and responsibilities
  • Communication and engagement sessions with next level of management, and the development of an organisation-wide communication plan
  • 3-months high-level programme management to establish meeting and delivery disciplines and ensure critical issues are addressed and resolved

Module 3 – Powerhouse Transformation:

Sustaining breakthrough growth


We work with you to embed the skills, disciplines and behaviours necessary to deliver your strategy with excellence, continuously refining your actions to drive ongoing success.


Key elements include:

  • 12-months high-level programme management support to embed the implementation disciplines, refine key projects and build further organisational commitment
  • Key role in finding opportunities to accelerate success and build the momentum for change and growth
  • Coaching and advisory support for the key players leading the delivery of the strategy
  • Transfer of key strategy management skills and capabilities across the organisation to ensure lasting success

“I have worked with Stuart Cross for over a decade. Stuart has always helped me to think and act differently, and that is the key to innovation in any leadership role.”

Alex Gourlay, Chief Executive


Morgan Cross epitomise what good consulting is all about. I would recommend Morgan Cross to any company looking for creative solutions to challenging strategic issues.

Rick Mills, Chief Strategy Officer

“Stuart is a scarce resource. He delivers rapid results, but he also gains the trust and commitment of the executives he works with to ensure longer-term success.”

Ian Filby, Chief Executive Officer

“I would recommend Stuart and Morgan Cross to any executive team looking to create focus and growth for their business.”

Matt Williams, Chief Executive Officer

“We work with Stuart because he takes a hands-on yet insightful approach to strategy that forces us to address some tough questions, but which gives us the tools and support answer them.”

David Johnston, Chief Operating Officer

“Stuart works at a strategic level, but he’s also pragmatic, so that the ideas really can be implemented.”

Nick Collard, Marketing Director



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