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How To Grow In A Downturn


Delivering profitable top-line growth when markets are in decline is difficult, but not impossible. The 9 ideas in this paper will help you drive real growth during the downturn and also help you accelerate away from your competitors in the subsequent recovery.


Fixing The Innovation Gap


Though 80% of CEOs believe innovation is critical to their organisation’s success, only 6% are satisfied with what’s being delivered. Here’s how companies can fill this innovation gap.


The Time for Bold Moves


Growing through and beyond the pandemic requires bold actions, not timid plans. These 5 steps can help you to accelerate growth and transform your market position.


Getting Your Innovation Strategy Right


Business leaders are constantly exhorted to innovate. But what kind of innovation should managers pursue? The Innovation Strategy Matrix helps you to answer that question and get your innovation strategy right.



The Strategy Powerhouse

At its heart, strategy is pretty simple: it’s about creating a clear direction and ambition that will drive your future success. Yet, very few organisations succeed in either developing or delivering a strategy that delivers sustained growth. So, what’s missing and what needs to change? Stuart Cross sets out 12 critical steps that will help you revolutionise the growth of your bu


Innovation Acceleration

Innovation is no longer a strategic alternative; it’s a strategic necessity. In this paper, Stuart Cross sets out practical ways to create and foster an innovation culture that can radically transform the growth and results of your business.

Don't Let Planning Kill Strategy

In this white paper Stuart Cross sets out why strategic planning is oxymoron

Succeeding Beyond The Corona Virus Pandemic


If you want to succeed in the post-COVID world you need to plan and act fast now to reshape your business to your new realities and opportunities. This white paper sets out the new business realities arising from the coronavirus pandemic and gives you a clear, 5-step process to reshape your strategy and accelerate your success as we come out of the crisis.


Agility For Life


The coronavirus crisis has led to faster, more agile decision-making and action across businesses. Applying six key principles can help leaders embed these changes to create Agility For Life.


Powering Through the Recession


How to grow profits and lead your markets through the coronavirus economic crisis



Grow Like A Challenger

Markets are disrupted when a new challenger, with a distinctive business model, breaks up the status quo and offers customers something very different. So, how do existing players respond? One answer is to adopt a challenger mindset and approach themselves. Using examples as diverse as Innocent Drinks, Gillette, Warburton Bakery and Nokia, Stuart Cross sets out how you can develop a challenger mindset for your business and use that mindset to accelerate growth.


Delivering Your Need For Speed

There are distinctive differences between those companies that are able to move, act and grow at pace and those companies that struggle to deal with or lead change. Based on the research for his book, First & Fast, Stuart Cross sets out the six key ’speed drivers’ that separate the winners from the also-rans.

Growth’s Hidden Killers

Sometimes a new growth idea is killed before it has been born. The growth ambitions of any organisation are directly related to the attitude and outlook of its leaders. In this paper, Stuart Cross sets out 10 limiting beliefs that prevent leaders for maximising their companies’ growth and success.

17 Ways To Grow In A Downturn

A rising tide may float all boats, but how do you grow when markets tun against you? In this article, Stuart Cross offers 17 practical, no-nonsense ways to grow even when your markets aren’t. 

The New Rules Of Retailing


Over the past 10 years, we have seen a revolution in retailing. Using 20 years of strategy experience with some of the UK’s leading retailers, Stuart Cross sets out the drivers of this revolution and the capabilities that retailers now need to have the speed and agility that is essential to grow and thrive.


50 Ways To Get More From Strategy Development


Are you struggling to get the most out of your strategy away days and planning sessions? Stuart Cross has 50 pragmatic and results-focused ways that you can develop and deliver a strategy that actually works.


Small Steps, Giant Leaps


Over 60% of corporate transformation programmes fail to achieve their goals, but businesses continue to invest billions in the hope that they can beat the odds. So, what do you need to do to stack the cards in your favour and maximise your chances of accelerating the delivery of your strategic goals? Stuart Cross sets out 5 core principles that will help any business leader pursue better ways to achieve success.




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