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Consulting and Coaching Assignments

“I have worked with Stuart Cross for over a decade. Stuart has always helped me to think and act differently, and that is the key to innovation in any leadership role.”

Alex Gourlay, Chief Executive
Boots The Chemists

“Stuart is a scarce resource. He delivers rapid results, but he also gains the trust and commitment of the executives and managers he works with to ensure longer-term success.”

Ian Filby, CEO
DFS Limited

“Working with Stuart has provided the necessary support and challenge we needed as a business, and has also given me the opportunity to learn from his pragmatic and straightforward approach to strategy. Stuart added tremendous value to our thinking and worked at pace to ensure we generated real momentum. He has a refreshing high-impact and collaborative approach to consulting that delivers rapid and tangible results.”

Andy Ferguson, Managing Director
Boots Opticians

“Among other things Stuart Cross helped us define a specific and clear goal that galvanised the entire organisation and has been a key part of our success. I would recommend Stuart to any executive team looking to create focus and growth for their business.”

Matthew Williams, CEO
Topps Tiles

“We work with Stuart Cross because he takes a pragmatic, hands-on yet insightful approach to strategy that forces us to address some tough questions, but which gives us the tools and support to answer them.”

David Johnston, Chief Executive
Aimia Europe (owners of Nectar)

“Stuart has had a really good impact on the business. He works at a strategic level, but he’s also pragmatic, so that the ideas really can be implemented.”

Nick Collard, Marketing Director
Wm Morrisons Supermarkets plc

“Stuart brought a new perspective to the team, constructively challenging us to look at the business from different angles and helping to raise our collective ambition for growth. As a result, we now have a much clearer view of our priorities, are far more confident about our ability to transform our sales and profit performance, and are committed to a growth goal that will transform our business. Quite simply, Stuart Cross is the best consultant we have ever worked with!”

Wayne Devine, Managing Director
Masco UK Window Group

“At the end of any consulting assignment, you ask yourself if you’re satisfied with the return on your investment. With Stuart Cross I felt we got many times more value than we invested. Stuart was quickly able to help us set compelling goals, determine where and how we could be advantaged against our competitors, and identify and scope initial priorities for growth. Stuart brings real authority to his strategy work – he has both broad and deep experience, a real expertise in strategy, and an ability to engage and work with the most senior leadership teams. I would recommend any business leaders looking to find new and better ways to grow revenues and profits to speak to Stuart.”

Cliff Stubbs, UK Managing Director
Spotless Punch Limited

“The biggest benefit of involving Stuart was the speed at which we got things done. He was able to bring discipline, focus and consistency to our senior people, which enabled us to move much faster than we would have done without him. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to any business that needed to rapidly make some strategic decisions or get some difficult projects moving quickly.”

Andrew Stephenson, HR Director
DFS Limited

“Stuart quickly understood the opportunities and challenges facing our business. The combination of thought provoking insights and a personable and engaging style got the full engagement of the executive team. The lasting benefit of Stuart’s work is series of growth initiatives which are pragmatic, focused and achievable.”

Darryl Walford, Finance Director
Mines Rescue Service Limited

“Stuart was able to quickly work with our executive team and help us turn our long list of ideas into a coherent and focused agenda for growth. More than that, Stuart constructively challenged us to consider more radical opportunities that we had previously overlooked and which, when we looked a little closer, we realised could deliver step-change improvement. I would recommend Stuart to any executive team that is looking to deliver higher levels of growth for their business.”

Ben Thornton, Director of Strategy and Operations
NIG Limited

“Morgan Cross epitomise what good consulting is all about. I would recommend Morgan Cross to any company looking for creative solutions to challenging strategic issues.”

Rick Mills, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development
Alliance Boots

“Stuart’s unique combination of understanding how large organisation’s work, his ability to ask the right questions at the right time, and his challenging yet supportive approach, has transformed the way I see my role, my own value and my contribution to the business.”

Andrew Trofimowicz, Executive Director
DFS Limited

“Not only have you been able to give me valuable support, ideas and advice through the course of this project, but you have also been able to rapidly gain the trust, support and respect of my executive team, helping us all to focus and act on the key issues and opportunities facing this business. It’s great to work with a consultant that not only understands and meets our business needs, but who can also tailor their approach to the dynamics of a particular team and organisation. I’m delighted with the results that we’ve been able to achieve so far and see this as the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.”

Ian Filby, Chief Executive,
Groupe Aeroplan Europe

“We chose Morgan Cross to help us because of their strategy expertise and also because of their ability to involve managers and directors effectively in the work. Stuart used his excellent strategic skills to help us create a new agenda that will drive significantly higher levels of growth for the business.”

Stephen Ford, VP Strategy, Western Europe
Avon Cosmetics Inc

“Stuart delivered against my high expectations. Our leadership team unanimously believe that Stuart’s involvement has been instrumental in helping us develop a set of strategies for growth that are ambitious, robust and fully-owned by each divisional executive. I would definitely recommend other leaders looking to develop compelling and robust strategies for their companies or organisations to speak to Stuart.”

Jeremy Ling, CEO
The Bristan Group

“If you really want to get some breakthrough thinking into your business then Stuart’s the guy to contact.                                    ”

Simon McCandlish, Commercial Director
Boots the Chemists

“Stuart rapidly identified material profit growth opportunities for our UK business. He is focused on results, commercially pragmatic and delivers a lot of value – quickly!”

Najib Fayad, Chief Operating Officer
Nelsons Natural Healthcare

“Stuart has a first rate strategic mind and has that rare ability to hold Executives’ feet to the fire on key issues without provoking everyone to throw their toys out of the pram.”

Simon Potts, Director of Business Development
Boots the Chemists

“I am very happy to recommend Morgan Cross Consulting. Stuart brought a new perspective and his interventions showed strategic vision, added value and were insightful. He carried out the brief professionally and enthusiastically, meeting all our deadlines and quickly finding empathy with our team”

Paul Woolston, Senior Partner and Head of UK Public Sector Assurance

“Stuart’s drive and energy, combined with his in-depth knowledge, is the perfect recipe for success. A pleasure to work with.”

Dave Wilson, Director of IT
Dunelm Group plc

“Stuart identified two new areas of growth for our business that we hadn’t previously identified, which is great news for our business. He has great strategic skills and gets to the core of the task quickly.”

Mark Turrell, UK Managing Director
Nelsons Natural Healthcare

“Stuart provided focus, structure and acceleration to our search for major new business ideas. From the start Stuart helped us identify many potential opportunities and then worked very quickly with business stakeholders to identify those ideas with greatest potential and the best fit to our current capabilities. He challenged all of us in a balanced way resulting in a set of priorities which were not prejudiced by anyones’ ‘pet projects’. We are now ready to drive the detailed development of some big opportunities, but without Stuart’s help we would still be trying to agree a priority list.”

Tricia Kennerley, Healthcare Development Director,
Boots the Chemists

“Historically, our strategies and high-level plans have been developed by a small group of directors, distant from the some elements of the business. Stuart’s integrity, openness, pragmatism and professionalism enabled us to involve over 50 senior executives and key managers in a way that has transformed their level of engagement with the company’s future strategy. I now have real confidence that we have the strategic clarity, the specific plans and the executive ownership that will enable us to drive dramatic and sustainable growth for our business.”

Lance Gillett, Chief Financial Officer
The Bristan Group

“At ?WhatIf! it’s usually us that gets hired to ask the smart questions and think strategically. When we worked with Stuart he was the one asking the brilliant questions. Even our smartest client deferred to his sense of wisdom. A class act!”

Graham Bishop, Founder of the Customer Experience Team
?WhatIf! The Innovation Company

“Having worked with many consulting firms it’s clear that Morgan Cross are not only good value in the long run, but they also provide immediate value. They have a refreshing approach where home truths are told quickly and constructively and are rapidly turned into actionable opportunities.”

Simon Potts, Director of Business Development
Boots the Chemists

“Stuart, thank you for all your help in our ‘creatology’ session. The pre-work made sure we all got the most out of it and you made us think in a different way. You helped to create a real breakthrough! We now have a fantastic pipeline of innovative products to drive future growth. I look forward to working with you again on a different project.”

Jo Stevenson, Product Brand Manager
Boots the Chemists

Workshops, Speaking and Seminars

“Thank you for your fantastic seminar on driving business growth. Your energy, enthusiasm and credibility created a presentation that was both inspiring and practical in equal measure. Everyone in the audience was busy taking notes and taking away actions for their own business. You helped us to raise the profile of Direct Line for Business within this tradeshow environment in the best possible way – thank you.”

Jazz Gakhal, Head of Direct Line For Business

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for addressing our Breakfast Club this morning. It was such an inspiring and motivational address and you had the members in the palm of your hand. You could have heard a pin drop – you really gave them something to think about!”

Melody Tipton, Kettering Business Club and IOD member

“Stuart set the whole tone for the Music Industry Retail Conference with his opening address. Our music shops face many challenges of which the need to define strategy and target new customers are priorities. Stuart offered practical guidance on making a good business a great one that was backed up by his high level of research into the industry. Having a speaker from “outside” of the industry was deliberate to try and inspire the audience…and it worked!”

Paul McManus, Chief Executive
Music Industry Association

“Stuart gave a presentation that was engaging, thought-provoking and provided directions on strategy and growth. A superb presentation!”

Susan Goodrich, Cambridge Business Club

“Stuart Cross inspired the members of The Business Club in Lincoln with an excellent talk on “Fast-Lane Innovation” – why we need to innovate, what happens if we don’t and when is the best time to do so. His style was both entertaining and thought-provoking. Our members took real action points away from the presentation and the evening was a great success. I can recommend Stuart as a very motivating speaker with an authoritative but pleasing style – ideal for business meetings where delegates want things to take away and implement immediately.”

Mike Stokes, Managing Director
The Business Club – Lincoln

“Stuart shone at our series of evening events for those working at all levels in the Food & Grocery Industry. From the outset he was professional and a pleasure to work with, clearly meeting the brief and delivering. His sessions kept a perfect balance of being well structured but flexible enough to ensure those attending felt their own objectives had been met and that the session had incorporated their own experiences as examples to bring his concepts to life. His style was informal and approachable yet he clearly demonstrated his expertise on the subject which really engaged the audience. The feedback from the event has been extremely good and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a speaker/trainer.”

Shanna Ritchie, Business Development Manager
Leading Edge, IGD

“Stuart, your presentation left delegates on a high. I must also congratulate you on the pre-Conference activity you undertook, making for an excellent package. Delegates commented throughout the day that the two inspiring presentations were yours and Saatchi&Saatchi’s, which I am thrilled you recommended. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Yvonne Orgill, Chief Executive
Bathroom Manufacturers’ Association

Read the Actual Letter  (329KB)

“Stuart’s energetic and compelling approach is packed full of big insights, presented in an instantly graspable way. Stuart has that rare combination in consultancy: real intelligence, deep experience and a light touch in bringing concepts to life”

Jayne Mayled, Managing Director
Jupiter Design Limited

“Stuart, thank you for delivering such a useful and stimulating message to our association last week. You had instant credibility as a result of the research you did in advance of the session, and you gave our members new and reinforcing insights which they can turn into immediate action.”

Paul Hawkins, General Secretary
Health and Beauty Association

“I’ve worked with Stuart many times and found him extremely knowledgable about his subject – strategic thinking. He comes across as a really good guy, helpful, honest and open in sharing his experiences and very engaging with a very diverse group of delegates. Stuart has the gift of simplifying and removing the mystery around strategy and shares with delegates a wide range of practical tools.”

Steve Alexander, Lead Consultant
The Mentor Group

“I am writing to give you some feedback on the impact you have had on the Avon Kazakhstan management team following our attendance at your Strategy Development workshop. After the session with you I felt reassured about the importance of strategic planning and thinking and received helpful tools and approaches to create a strategy for our market. Back in Kazakhstan we used the tools within a very creative and successful process that resulted in a strategy we all believe in. Thank you for providing us with practical and useful approaches that we could implement in real life!”

Olga Zonova, National Sales Manager
Avon Cosmetics, Kazakhstan

“I write to thank you for the recent lecture you gave the MBA class on business strategy. It was a resounding success. Your combination of intellectual wisdom and common sense business savvy struck exactly the right note. I very much hope you can join us again in the future.”

Keith Harrison, Special Professor
Nottingham University Business School

“I am writing to thank you so much for coming to give your presentation to the MBA’s. Both the formal and informal feedback from the students was extremely positive. They were impressed by how much they learned and really enjoyed the session – it was clear that your presentation had exceeded their expectations. I hope you won’t mind my inviting you back in the future.”

Rhian Silvestro, Associate Professor and Head of Operations Management Group
Warwick Business School

“Stuart, please accept my sincere thanks for fulfilling your brief so creatively. You showed a deep understanding of the strategic management process. You also showed that concepts are not enough: insight, creativity and sound relationships are needed to help managers develop and deliver a workable and winning strategy. I would happily recommend you to other business schools or groups of managers looking for practical and insightful ways to improve their approach to strategy management.”

Professor John Richards, Executive MBA Programme Director
Nottingham University Business School

Morgan Cross Strategy Directors’ Forum

“The Morgan Cross Strategy Directors’ Forum is unlike any other event I attend. For starters, it’s a roundtable discussion that encourages involvement. Second, it is focused solely on strategy directors. And third, It provides me with provocative but pragmatic ideas I can use, rather than formulaic text book thinking. I would happily recommend other strategy directors to attend future sessions.”

Steve Mason, Group Director of Strategy Development,
Alliance Boots

“It was a stimulating opportunity to engage with others facing similar issues in strategic management. There aren’t many Strategy Directors around, so this is a very helpful and insightful forum!”

Staffan Engstrom, Strategy Director
Carillion plc

“I found the Strategy Directors’ forum a worthwhile and stimulating event. The insights were a refreshing contrast to the notion of strategy as a rigorous and analytically based discipline, and have made me think about strategy development in a different way.”

David Stead, Director of Finance and Strategy
Dunelm plc

Great Results Newsletter

“The e-zines of Morgan Cross are truly a pleasure to read. I recommend everyone who is ambitious to get great results and clever approaches of how to manage your business to sign up now. You will be delighted and learn every time you read one, and it also makes you smile!

Marjan Hoodendijk, Director
Kwaliteit Consulting

“I find the Great Results e-zine a thought-provoking interjection in what can all too often be a ‘heads-down-and-get-on-with-it’ life at work. The messages contained within it make me reflect and pause and sometimes make me smile as I identify with the parallels within it. The topics vary so I am always tempted to open the message – much more so than other similar sites. Keep them coming!”

Joanne Millington, Head of Store Development
Boots the Chemists

“Great Results works for me because of the useful scenarios and business analogies featured each time. They’re relevant, easy to relate to and readily transferable to everyday situations.”

Clive Haywood, Managing Director
CHC Limited





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