Innovation has never been more important to companies as it is now. Economic, technological and social turbulence is creating new needs, and new forms of value are needed to fulfil them. Innovation is no longer a strategic alternative; it’s a strategic necessity.

Yet many companies fail to achieve their innovation potential. So, what holds our companies back, and why is breakthrough innovation so rare? Here are my top five killers of successful innovation.

  1.  Most innovation involves dealing with early failure before finding a sustainable solution.
  2.  You can’t just follow your customers, you must also be willing to lead them.
  3.  Innovation is not a one-off, it is a way of life.
  4.  Innovation means disruption and sometimes that can affect your existing business as much as it does your competitors’.
  5.  The most innovative organisations involve everyone in the process, not a small group of managers with ‘innovation’ on their lapel badges.

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