I wrote a few weeks ago how Dylan, my eldest son, felt no real ownership of his impending A-Level results – see here. I hadn’t imagined, however, that the algorithm used to determine his grades would generate quite so many iniquitous outcomes.

Media reports suggest that Ofqual, the organization responsible for the system, were aware of its shortcomings, as were government ministers. Certainly, the Education Committee had produced a report in mid-July warning the government that “pupils could miss out on the exam results they deserve this summer as the system for awarding and moderating grades is at risk of inaccuracy and bias.

Why then would Gavin Williamson, the minister in charge of education, carry on with a system that was doomed to failure?

It’s not for me to defend or otherwise Mr. Williamson, but I have seen other instances where leaders proceed in the face of all evidence to the contrary. During my time at Boots the Chemists, the company invested millions in a dentistry and ‘wellbeing’ services division, despite the performance of initial trials being less than stellar. Similary, Tesco’s rolled out their Fresh & Easy brand across the USA to more than 150 stores despite losing $ millions each week.

In both these instances, a one-eyed view of the goal (Boots – create a positive healthcare business to protect against grocer competition; Tesco – rapidly create a scaled-up US business) together with a leadership team that was willing to adopt a ‘double or quits’ investment approach, was at the heart of the failure.

Perhaps Mr. Williamson’s number one goal of resisting ‘grade inflation’ prevented him from seeing the bigger picture? Who knows, but the truth is that with any new venture or initiative you must be willing to stand back, take a holistic view and let the facts speak for themselves.

Once you do that, the next steps will become far clearer, even if that means taking a completely different course of action.

Or, to slightly misquote Margaret Thatcher, u-turn if you want to.

Off The Record: If You Wanna by The Vaccines

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