The Ancient Greeks had two words for time: Chronos and Kairos.

Chronos is the sequence of time and is measured by clocks (chronometers), diaries and calendars. It’s the meaning of time that tells you that you when your next Teams meeting will start and when it will end.

Chronos is the quantitative view of time.

Kairos is the feeling that time has stood still. It exists when you get so lost in an activity that chronos time, as measured by clocks, becomes meaningless. Instead, you are focused solely on the experience and relishing the moment.

Kairos is the qualitative view of time.

Most of our experience of time is chronological, but we often do our best work during kairological moments. How are you managing your diary so that you can carve out the opportunities that exist in kairos?

Off The Record: Where Time Stands Still by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Baby, where’s that place where time stands still?

I remember like a lover can

But I forget it like a leaver will

It’s no place you can get to by yourself