Yesterday, in an idle moment browsing the internet, I came across this photo. It shows the band Prefab Sprout playing to a small crowd in London in early 1984. What really made me stop and look closely at the picture, however, was the fact that it also shows the back of my 18-year-old head (I know it’s me because I’m wearing my favourite checked shirt!).

As I reflected on the picture, I thought about the things that had still to happen as it was being taken. The Berlin Wall was still formidably tall and strong, and was five years away from being pulled down. Prefab Sprout had yet to publish their first album and their singer, Paddy MacAloon, was yet to write any of the songs for their brilliant second LP, Steve McQueen .

And, on a personal level, I’d only just taken my first steps into adulthood and I can assure you that the 18-year old head in the photo was paying no attention whatsoever to issues such as a career, marriage or family.

In other words, the future had yet to be written.

Nothing’s really changed, though, has it? One of the things the current pandemic has surely taught us is that we cannot predict the future or assume tomorrow’s events. The future is still to be written. For each of us personally, as well as for the businesses, organisations and teams that you manage and lead, each day is a clean page.

What’s the story that you’re writing today?

Off The Record: Appetite by Prefab Sprout

So if you take –

Then put back good

If you steal –

Be Robin Hood

If your eyes are wanting all you see

Then I think I’ll name you after me

Yes, I think I’ll call you appetite

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