This week’s focus: Instant solutions and quick wins get all the attention. We seem to crave silver bullets, magic pills and overnight successes both in business and life.


These successes are great when they happen. I remember during my time at Boots, for instance, that the sales of the company’s No7 skincare ranges went through the roof in the weeks and months following a documentary that showed one of its creams could reverse the signs of ageing.


The trouble is that these kinds of successes are rare and almost impossible to plan.


Lasting success comes, instead, from the day-to-day discipline of focus, persistence and execution. It is built on a clear customer-focused strategy, an effective organization and leadership that balances high-performance expectations with sufficient patience to give people the confidence to deliver.


What kind of organization are you leading? Are you expecting instant success from your actions and initiatives, or are you building from the ground up, so that any success you create is sustainable?


Off The Record: You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes


Another classic Motown hit that was written by the in-house team of Holland-Dozier-Holland….


You can’t hurry love

No, you just have to wait

Just trust in a good time

No matter how long it takes


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