When I’m working with my clients on strategy projects, the biggest gains we make happens when we take the time to develop different future options. Having a few hours to think and talk exclusively about the future of their business is a release for many executives.

As these executives share and listen to each other’s points of view, there can be disagreement, argument and robust discussion, but they always end up moving the strategy forward. On a personal level, it’s a satisfying session to lead, but I’m often left with the thought that it should happen more often.

The currency of strategy is ideas. And the value of that currency increases when you’re willing to spend generously and continuously.

Strategy development happens in an organization when you’re willing to share your ideas, discuss them and let others develop them with you. The best sign that you’ve spent freely is when your ideas come back to you claimed by your colleagues as their own!

How freely are you spending and what is the value of the currency of ideas in your organization?


Off The Record: Money by Barrett Strong


Money don’t get everything, it’s true

But what it don’t get, I can’t use

I need money –

That’s what I want!


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