Most strategy sessions end in a session to agree next step actions. At the top of everyone’s list are ‘quick wins’ – ideas with big prizes that are easy to deliver.

The only problem is they don’t exist.

The solutions that will step-change your project or business results are almost always difficult to do. Developing a new innovative product for market, introducing a radically better new operating system, or building the capabilities of your teams won’t be done by the end of next week by a part-time project manager. They will take serious time, effort and (most likely) money.

But that’s good news. After all, if it’s difficult for you to achieve, it will be difficult for your competitors too.

The key to business success is not to pursue a fruitless search for ‘quick wins’, but to doggedly pursue the ‘big, difficult wins’ that really matter.

What are the big, difficult wins that you’re pursuing to transform your business?

Off The Record: Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley

Get up, stand up,

Stand up for your right,

Get up, stand up,

Don’t give up the fight.