Was 2020 the year of the team? For many organisations, survival only happened as a result of the amazing teamwork displayed at all levels to identify, resolve and overcome the many and varied challenges arising from the pandemic.

When we talk of teams, we generally use the word as a noun: we are a great team.  But we all operate in several teams at once. You will, no doubt, be part of a departmental team, you may work as part of a leadership team and you are likely to be a member of several project and process teams.

As a result, when it comes to team performance, we also need to think of the word team as a verb: we are brilliant at teaming!

Improving individual and collective capabilities to work as part of a variety of teams – listening and communication skills, delivering on promises, building trust and displaying integrity, holding others to account, supporting others, collective problem solving and collaborative idea development – is the best way to improve organisational performance. Yet, all too often, these skills and behaviours are assumed rather than systematically developed.

Companies that want to become more agile and better able to meet the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing, dynamic and uncertain world must become masters of teamwork and teaming. How well does your organisation develop the skills of colleagues to work as part of a variety of teams? And what steps are you taking to team more effectively?

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All together now

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