Last week I found out that I have a relatively large stone in one of my kidneys.

Now, I have passed a couple of kidney stones over the past 10 years and can confidently confirm that passing a stone is more painful than childbirth (although, admittedly, with fewer subsequent nappies to change). To be honest, though, this stone is too big to pass (I hope!) and so will have to be removed surgically.

I guess that I could just live with it until the periodic pain I get from the stone is simply too frequent and too severe. Realistically, though, my life will be better if I am to get in there and take it out.

Businesses often suffer from the equivalent of renal pain and many try to live with it rather than taking the corrective action to properly sort it out. The wrong manager in the wrong role, an old and cumbersome IT system, a poor performing product range or an inappropriate customer service policy, for instance, are all examples of corporate problem stones.

What are the problem stones that your business is trying to live with when it should be taking the surgical action to remove them and improve performance?


Off The Record: And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison

And it stoned me to my soul

Stoned me just like going home

And it stoned me


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