Last Friday, my parents received their first coronavirus vaccination at the Globe Arena, the home of Morecambe Football Club. “Arena” may seem a little overblown for a stadium that holds just a little over 6,000 spectators, but the fact that it is called the “Globe” somehow seems fitting when fighting back against a worldwide pandemic.

To be honest, I felt a little overwhelmed that, less than a year after Covid-19 was discovered, scientists, healthworkers, volunteers and a legion of organisations had somehow worked together to find a way to beat the virus and had delivered their solution into the arms of two pensioners in a run-down Lancashire seaside resort.

It also made me feel optimistic that, after a tough year for everyone and an awful year for many, 2021 will be far, far better – despite the worrying rise in Covid-19 cases we’re currently seeing.

When facing tough situations, the spirit and ingenuity of the human species is incredible. The new vaccines are 2020’s most visible example of that ingenuity, but I’ve also seen how hard people from organisations of all shapes and sizes have worked to adapt to the situation, develop new products and services and find new ways to reach and serve their customers.

2020 may have shown us how fragile life can be, but it has also highlighted the human capacity for generosity, collaboration, improvement and innovation. And it is with that sense of optimism that I wish you a Happy Christmas and send you all my best wishes for 2021.

Off The Record: December Will Be Magic Again by Kate Bush

December will be magic again

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