When I’m agreeing the objectives and scope of projects with my clients, I’m not just focused on the business objectives. I also try to understand the personal objectives that lie behind my buyer’s stated business goals.

While their declared aims may be rational and logical, their underlying personal reasons for the project are often anything but. Wanting to get the bonus or promotion, trying to make a problem disappear so that they can have a better night’s sleep, doing something that makes them feel good, having an approach that feels safe, wanting to avoid blame. These are the thoughts, feelings and questions we have before any major business decision, whether we’re aware of them or not.

No matter what Don Corleone may have said, it’s never just strictly business, it’s always personal. Even for him.

A key part of your role as a leader is to understand the personal objectives of your team – as well as your own – and to find a way to combine them with the business goals for maximum impact. That way you build trust and engagement so that everyone cares and commits to the results. Personally.

What are your team’s personal goals? And what are yours? And how are you integrating them into your plans and activities to deliver your business objectives?

Off The Record: Rehab by Amy Winehouse

I’ve written today’s post on the 10th anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death at the age of just 27. Amy was not only a great singer, but a wonderful songwriter – hugely witty, heart-breakingly sad, self-deprecating, poetic, musical and with a direct phone-line to the truth. While she was a hugely flawed character, Amy was also a brilliant, inspirational artist. And Back To Black is my favourite album of the 21st century.

The man said, “Why do you think you’re here?”

I said I got no idea

I’m gonna, gonna lose my baby

So I always keep a bottle near

He said, “I just think you’re depressed”

This me: “Yeah baby, and the rest!”

Getting Your Innovation Strategy Right

Business leaders are constantly exhorted to innovate. But what kind of innovation should managers pursue? The Innovation Strategy Matrix helps you to answer that question and get your innovation strategy right.

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