OK, I admit it – I’m a procrastinator! Even with this newsletter I usually wait until an hour before it needs to go out before I write it. That’s what’s happened this morning. It is the deadline that gives me the energy and motivation to get things done.

I’m also beginning to think that there is also a condition called ‘corporate procrastination’, where an entire organisation or team of people wait until the last minute before taking action. It’s uncanny how many times I’ve witnessed actions on key projects only taking place during the last few days ahead of an executive review of progress. It is the looming reality of accountability that drives action.

So, what’s the problem? Well, in most businesses the executive team may only review progress of even their most important strategic priorities, at best, on a monthly basis, with many teams undertaking quarterly reviews. It’s difficult to make consistent, rapid progress on projects when you’re only being held to account four times a year.

A faster review cycle is needed at all levels in organisations to encourage and drive greater pace and quicker progress. At Amazon, for instance, the executive team meet weekly to discuss, review and re-focus their most important initiatives.

What is the review cadence that you set in your business for your key priorities? And what improvement in performance could you achieve by increasing it?

As for me, I’m going to stop procrastinating – starting next Monday!


Off The Record: Put It Off Until Tomorrow by Dolly Parton

Oh stay, stay just one more day

Loneliness isn’t far away

Put it off until tomorrow

You’ve hurt me enough today


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