I’ve just finished a short project with Spotless Punch, working with their UK leadership team to develop a growth strategy for the business. The company develops and manages a portfolio of innovative, market leading brands and proudcts in niche home care categories, and their brands include Colour Catcher, Vim, Oust and Punch shoe care.

Here’s what the UK Managing Director, Cliff Stubbs, had to say about the project:

At the end of any consulting assignment, you ask yourself if you’re satisfied with the return on your investment. With Stuart Cross I felt we got many times more value than we invested. Stuart was quickly able to help us set compelling goals, determine where and how we could be advantaged against our competitors, and identify and scope initial priorities for growth. Stuart brings real authority to his strategy work – he has both broad and deep experience, a real expertise in strategy, and an ability to engage and work with the most senior leadership teams. I would recommend any business leaders looking to find new and better ways to grow revenues and profits to speak to Stuart.

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