Over the past six months I have been helping the executive team at DFS – the UK’s leading retailer of sofas – turn their strategic goals into results on the ground and new profit growth. Despite a difficult market, the company recently posted profit improvements.

Here’s what Ian Filby, the CEO, and Andrew Stephenson, HR Director, have to say about the experience.

“Stuart is a scarce resource. He delivers rapid results, but he also gains the trust and commitment of the executives and managers he works with to ensure longer-term success.” Ian Filby, CEO DFS Limited

“Working with Stuart is a real pleasure. He is able to understand the issues and provide the perfect balance of support, advice and challenge required to get to the solution in the fastest time possible. His ability to help crystallize many random thoughts into a rational plan is a resource that I would recommend to anyone involved in strategy development.”  Andrew Stephenson, HR Director, DFS Limited

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