This week’s focus: Scottish nationalists may not win the vote on independence, but they are winning the campaign. By painting a vivid picture of a positive and brighter future, Alex Salmond and his team’s approach is in sharp contrast to the “Better Together” campaign, which is focused on the problems of independence rather than a clear and engaging vision of a future United Kingdom.

Despite the long list of critical risks and issues that independence would bring to Scotland the nationalist’s campaign strategy seems to be working. Polls show that while “No” voters remain fixed at 42%, “Yes” voters have grown from 26% to 30% in recent months. The reason for this trend is clear: people are willing to embrace change, but they must first be excited by a clear vision of the future, and that is Mr Salmond’s sole focus.

What future vision are you communicating to your team and organisation, and what steps can you take to make it clearer, brighter, more compelling and easier for your people to turn into reality?

Off the record: Sunshine On Leith by The Proclaimers

While I’m worth my room on this earth

I will be with you while the Chief

Puts sunshine on Leith

I’ll thank Him for His Work

And your birth, and my birth

© Stuart Cross 2014. All rights reserved.