This week’s focus: New strategic initiatives are as attractive to most senior executives as an Italian or German sports car. The beautiful lines of the car, the sound of its engine and the promise of better, faster performance capture these managers’ imagination.

But many middle and junior managers react differently to strategic initiatives. They often ignore the beauty of the car and, instead, see a vehicle that is impractical, expensive and fuel-thirsty.  These managers are all too aware of the car’s downsides and they also who will have to make it fit for the road: they will!

As a leader of your organisation, one of your key tasks is to break down your strategic goals into projects and actions that can be delivered by your organisation. Your strategic vehicles need to be fast and agile, but they also need to be reliable, efficient and road-worthy.

How are you making your strategic initiatives deliverable? (For some ideas, click here).

Off The Record: Driving In My Car by Madness

I’ve been driving in my car

It’s not quite a Jaguar

I’ve been driving in my car

It don’t look much, but I’ve been far

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