This week’s focus: After last week’s Friday Focus Graham wrote to me and told me that he loved these mini-articles and wanted to forward them to his network. “But,” he went on, “I can’t be bothered (slight editing by me on this word!) to share if you don’t make them stupidly easy to broadcast. You need a 1-click Twitter icon.”

He’s right, of course. While some things become more desirable the harder they are to acquire – Ferraris, Picasso paintings, Buzz Lightyear toys just before Christmas! – most products and services need both offer both great value and be “stupidly easy” to get hold of.

You’ll now find a 1-click button for you to share this note via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. What are you doing to make your products and services “stupidly easy” to acquire?

Off the record: 1-2-3 by Len Barry

1-2-3, oh that’s how elementary it’s gonna be

Come on, let’s fall in love

It’s easy, it’s so easy

Like taking candy from a baby

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