This week’s focus: Does the impressionist painter, Paul Cezanne, hold the key to driving new growth in tough markets? Cezanne’s favourite view was Monte Sainte Victoire, near to where he lived in Provence. He liked it so much he painted it over 60 times. But although the view was the same, each painting was different. Cezanne looked at the mountain with fresh eyes every time he picked up his brush.

Similarly, over the past year I have worked on several growth projects where a new perspective, rather than radical new ideas, was sufficient to kick-start growth. Spotting unmet customer needs, moving into adjacent markets and making more of under-utilized capabilities were sufficient to generate material results.

What new opportunities would you see in your business if you were to look at it with fresh eyes?

Off the record: You Don’t See Me by Keane

Radiant people in splintering light, all moving at the speed of life

But you’re moving so fast through this beautiful scene

You don’t see me, you don’t see me

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