This week’s focus: I’ve been working in Amsterdam this week, where the Dutch were welcoming their new king, Willem-Alexander, following the abdication of Queen Beatrice. Monarchical succession planning is relatively straightforward, at least in terms of who is next in line for the job. Here in the UK, for example, once the new royal baby is born this summer we will have three generations patiently waiting for their turn to be the country’s future monarch.

In business organisations the process is not so simple. But the strength of any executive team is directly dependent on the leader’s ability and willingness to seek out, attract and develop potential successors.

How strong is your succession pipeline, where are the gaps, and what are your plans to develop a team that can succeed without you?

Off The Record: Smithers Jones by The Jam (Foxton)

Good morning Smithers Jones

The boss wants to see you alone

I hope it’s the promotion you’ve been looking for!

I hope it’s the promotion you’ve been looking for!

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