This week’s focus: One of the problems with the Euro financial crisis has been that too many of the players want the solution but without the change. Some governments have refused to cut costs, others have baulked at providing further assistance and many private investors have struggled to accept the need to take the necessary losses on their foolish loans.

I see many similarities when it comes to business strategy. Many CEOs want the results of a new strategy, but refuse to accept the trade-offs. But trade-offs – and change – are unavoidable. After struggling as a full-service airline for five years, Ryanair, for example, only began to prosper when the owners accepted the need to completely change their entire business organisation and become Europe’s leading low-fare airline.

When it comes to strategy, disruption is mandatory: don’t fight it, embrace it. What trade-offs and changes are you putting off that, once you accept them, will enable you to drive new growth?

Off the record: Road Rage by Catatonia

If all you’ve got to prove is your innocence

Calm down, you’re as guilty as can be

And if all you’ve got to lose alludes to yesterday

Yesterday’s through, now do anything you please

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