This week’s focus: Great sports men and women combine three great qualities – pace, precision and persistence – the 3Ps! When I watch Messi, Giggs or Ronaldo at football, for instance, they are all blessed with pace, but combine that quality with instant and precise control of the ball. What’s more, they back up their talent with a determination and persistence – even a fearlessness – to try new things and constantly do better. Without one of these three critical factors they would be a shadow of themselves.

It’s the same in business. Technology, globalization and social changes require companies to move faster – much faster – than before. Pace is no longer an option, it’s a requirement, and means that your people must be aligned, focused and empowered. But customers and stakeholders are unforgiving, and pace without control is dangerous – just ask BP, Toyota and the banks. As a result, you must balance empowerment with accountability and effective performance management. Finally, the need for constant improvement demands that you and your teams must possess the nerve and persistence to keep evolving, innovating and improving.

How does your business rate on each of the 3Ps – pace, precision and persistence – and on which dimension do you need to improve most if you are to achieve your goals?

Off The Record: Strachan by The Hitchers

She waited for the match to start, to start a fight up with me

She said, “What’s that your watching?”

“It’s a programme about art.”

She said, “A programme about art?” I said, “A programme about art.”

And then the greatest midfield artist of them all walked out onto the park.

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