This week’s focus: Like many men in their forties and with a penchant for lycra, I took up road cycling a few years ago. So I was both delighted and blown away by Bradley Wiggins’ victory in the Tour de France last week.

I was equally impressed, though, by Team Sky’s performance. When it was established in 2009 its leader, Dave Brailsford, set a goal of creating a British winner of the Tour within five years. At the time this goal seemed outrageous, but Brailsford’s leadership and ability to inspire and engage, his team and rider development strategy and the whole team’s excellence in executing his plans has meant that the goal was achieved with two years to spare!

Brailsford’s leadership created a united organisation, the team’s strategic clarity built a focused organisation, and its excellence in execution delivered a relentless organisation. Team Sky won the Tour de France, but the team is also a tour de force.

How united, focused and relentless is your organisation?

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