This week’s focus: Earlier this week, the England cricket team achieved their long-held goal of becoming the world’s #1 team. But just as there is a danger of failing to achieve your goals, there is also a danger of achieving them. In 2003, for example, the English rugby team won the World Cup. The team, led by Clive Woodward, had, in the previous 3-5 years, focused so much on achieving that goal that, after their triumph, the team quickly split up and the results declined.

There is no Everest in business, no single peak that you reach, plant your flag and then make your way back down. Business success is Sisyphean, it is a never-ending process of finding the next peak. If they haven’t done so already, the leaders of the English cricket team need to raise the bar and identify their next high-performance goal, and, as a leader of your business, so do you.

Off the record: Bullets by Compton Cricket Club (an LA-based cricket club set up to curb the negative effects of gang activities in the Compton area of the city – yes, really!). See the video here.

From bullets to balls, from bats to gats

From the streets of concrete to grass and mats

We’re playing cricket!

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