This week’s focus: When executives communicate their vision or a major initiative, they typically focus on a big set piece event. But relying on these events – and the associated mouse mats, banners and t-shirts! – to gain support and commitment for your strategy is misguided. Simply put, your people won’t necessarily believe you.

It is your daily actions and decisions that your teams will use to gauge the real importance you attach to the new strategy. I tell my executive coaching clients that they should expect to communicate their strategy at least 6,000 times. This is because a strategy typically lasts at least 3 years, you have at least 200 work days each year and will attend10 meetings a day – 3x200x10 = 6,000!

How many times have you communicated your strategy? And how well do you relate your strategy and high-level goals to your daily actions and decisions?

Off the record: Everybody’s Talkin’ by Harry Nilsson

Everybody’s talking at me

I don’t hear a word they’re saying

Only the echoes of my mind

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