This week’s focus: If you’re struggling to work out how to make your business more ‘customer-centric’, just take a look at the NHS and do the opposite. Emergencies are different, but the systems and procedures for non-acute care are completely built around the organisation, rather than the patient.

Last Tuesday, for example, my youngest son had a new cast fitted on the arm he broke sledging. We were finally seen by the nurse 90 minutes after our allotted time, but not before we had sat patiently in four separate waiting areas – one of which was in advance of a 30 second consultation by a doctor – and provide our details to three separate people. I’ve never felt more like a widget on a production line – not even when travelling on Ryanair!

Where are you running systems that suit your organisation rather than your customers, and how could you rapidly reverse your approach to grow their satisfaction, loyalty and business?

Off The Record: Tired Of Waiting by The Kinks

So tired

Tired of waiting

Tired of waiting for you!

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