This week’s focus: During the endless discussions on the economy, and the government’s drive to cut public spending and deliver GDP growth, someone will say, “The cuts are necessary, but not sufficient for growth.”

Necessary, but not sufficient: it’s a phrase that could apply to many companies’ growth strategies. The actions that are agreed in many businesses are sensible and necessary, but are simply inadequate to kick-start major growth. Achieving higher levels of growth requires more ambitious goals, a willingness to take prudent risk in pursuit of new opportunities, and a greater commitment to innovation.

Your growth agenda may be full of initiatives that are necessary, but, ask yourself, are they sufficient?

Off the record: Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield

So keep on pushing

Take nothing less, not even second best

And do not obey, you must have your say

Move on up!

© Stuart Cross 2011. All rights reserved.