This week’s focus: We’re on a skiing holiday this week in France and I’m amazed to see the level of progress of my children’s skiing abilities. At the heart of their improvement is the standard of teaching. The ski instructors are all highly skilled skiers, but their ability to transfer their knowledge is also based on their passion and ability to teach, their willingness to repeatedly and patiently demonstrate the perfect technique and their ability to match the lesson to the children’s needs.

How are you ensuring that the capabilities of your teams are being developed by highly-skilled managers who have the passion and patience to teach and coach, and who are able to match the lessons they share with the needs of their people?

Off The Record: Dancing In The Trees by Barefoot Truth

So you breathe a sigh of relief

Cause now is the time to fly

Will you fix your eyes on that sea of powder?

And you kiss the clouds goodbye?

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