This week’s focus: I’ve recently been involved in organizing a global survey of CEOs and executive directors on leading growth. The most surprising finding was that fewer than one in four of these executives use multi-year growth targets to drive their business – the vast majority use single-year targets.

Relying solely on single-year goals leads to incremental improvement only. It is not possible for you to deliver step-change growth in 12 months. A multi-year goal, on the other hand, provides ongoing guidance for your organisation and helps you determine what is and what isn’t a good use of your company’s precious time and resources.

If you’re only using single-year targets to drive performance, what benefits could you create for your customers and your organization by defining and pursuing a multi-year goal?

Off The Record: Break On Through (To The Other Side) by The Doors

The gate is straight, deep and wide

Break on through to the other side

Break on through to the other side

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