This week’s focus: How can you best help your business to become more entrepreneurial, faster-paced and responsive, virtually overnight? The answer is both simple and hard: let your people make more decisions.

Giving your people the freedom – even the obligation – to make more decisions and to take greater ownership for their area of responsibility can be the single biggest driver of cultural change. Will they make some bad decisions? Undoubtedly. But they will also make some great ones.

In any case, you have no choice. The pace of change in your markets and the level of responsiveness required by your customers demand that you allow your front line managers and workers to take the lead and make more of those all-important calls.

Which decisions will you move down your organisation’s hierarchy to your front line people, in order to accelerate the pace of your business and to better meet the needs of your customers?

Off The Record: Plans For Nigel by XTC

We’re only making plans for Nigel

We only want what’s best for him

We’re only making plans for Nigel

Nigel just needs this helping hand

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