This week’s focus: It takes a photon of light just eight minutes to travel the 150 million km from the sun through the vacuum of space to the earth. Yet it takes that same photon 10,000 years to travel the 500,000 km from the sun’s core to its surface.  The density of the sun means that the photon is forever bumping into other photons. At the heart of the sun, the speed of light is effectively a standstill.

Many business leaders highlight need for pace when they really mean they want the organisation to do more. Yet driving pace without focus creates an organisation packed with photons going nowhere. As one initiative hits all the others it simply loses momentum, slows down and achieves little.

Pace is increased when you do fewer things well, not when you try and do too many things at once. Where do you need to create greater focus to increase the pace and performance or your organisation?

Off the record: Mr Blue Sky by ELO

Sun is shining in the sky

There ain’t a cloud in sight

It’s stopped raining, everybody’s in the lane

And don’t you know, it’s a beautiful new day

© Stuart Cross 2011. All rights reserved.