This week’s focus: Modern business strategies rarely last much more than 2 or 3 years, yet companies can still spend 6 months or more developing them. If you’re spending that amount of time deciding what you need to do, you’ll never have the time to implement effectively.

US civil war general once said that the secret of his success was that he “got there firstest with the mostest!” It’s the same for you. As a leader of your business you not only need to set the direction, you must also set the pace.

How long does it take set your company’s strategy and what steps are you taking to pick up the pace?

Off The Record: Can’t Stop Now by Keane

I noticed tonight that the world has been turning

While I’ve been stuck here withering away

Though I know I said I wouldn’t leave you behind

I have to go, it breaks my heart to say

© Stuart Cross 2013. All rights reserved.