This week’s focus: Our family skiing holiday with Ski Esprit last week was excellent – right up to the point that we left the resort and I forgot my wallet (yes, I know, I’m an idiot – I’ve already had that feedback from my wife!). The resort staff were excellent and by the time I reached the airport they had located the wallet and put it in their safe. They also gave me a number to call to organise its return.

That’s where the problems started. The lady at the call centre suggested that it would be easier all-round if I just allowed them to cut up the cards and bin the wallet. When I refused her ‘generous’ offer she demanded payment before she could return it. “That’s going to be difficult,” I replied, “Especially as my wallet is in the resort and so I have no cards with which to pay you.”

Creating a customer-driven business is hard because you are only as strong as your weakest link. Ski Esprit’s customer service was as excellent in the resort as it was frustrating at head office.

Where are your customer service weak links and what are you doing to embed greater customer centricity right across your business?

Off The Record: Your Call’s Very Important To Us. Please Hold. by Sparks

At first she said, “Your call is very important to us”

And then she said, “Please hold, please hold”

I’m getting mixed signals, mixed signals

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