Why spend 6 months developing a 1-year plan?

The pace of change is just too fast to develop your strategy the old-fashioned, twentieth century way. We are delighted to announce that we have just launched our new service, The 6-Day Strategy, to help you build your strategy rapidly and to dramatically accelerate  the performance and growth of your business.

How you will benefit

  1. Focus, Direction and Ambition. Generate the passion, energy and alignment in across your business by creating a laser-like focus on the future success of your organisation.
  2. Strategic Advantage. Instead of playing to the rules set by your competitors, you will focus your efforts on building and exploiting your own organisation’s advantages.
  3. Accelerated Growth. Identify your key priorities for growth and channel your resources and talent where you can have most impact.
  4. Executive Leadership Transformation. The dedicated involvement of your top team throughout the process will transform your leadership capabilities and alignment.
  5. Rapid Results. Translate you future drivers of success into ways that you can deliver immediate gains and rapidly grow profits and performance.

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Special Offer

If you’re interested in swiftly step-changing your company’s ambitions and finding new and better ways to deliver profitable growth, and want to implement The 6-Day Strategy in your business in 2014, we’ll offer you a complimentary 33% discount from any project fee for being a ‘charter client’.

We look forward to hearing from you!