There are no common British values. There is no shared vision about the how the United Kingdom can succeed in the future. And, as a result, there are no coherent strategies to instantiate and deliver those values and vision.

That is my conclusion from the debate on Scottish independence.

The ‘Yes’ campaign has given some indication about the future of Scotland – making the most of North Sea oil and enhancing the welfare system, as far as I can make out – but the ‘Better Together’ team cannot provide any sense of direction for the UK, preferring to focus its message on the risk of independence and going it alone.

You must clarify and embed some shared values, set out a clear, coherent and compelling vision for the future and give some idea about how you’re going to achieve that vision if you’re going to engage and galvanise your people and partners into delivering that success.

Without those values, vision and strategies you end up focusing on incremental financial and operational improvements and reacting to external events – rather like the UK government of every political hue does – rather than proactively delivering an agenda that step changes your future.

The UK needs a clear set of values and a coherent future vision. And so does your organisation.

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