istock_sisyphusBusiness is Sisyphean. Like Sisyphus, the ruler from Greek mythology, who was forced to endlessly roll a rock up a hill, only to see it roll down again as he neared the summit, business leadership is a task where it is simply not possible to ever call victory.

Just when you think everything is going well, you can be sure that new problems and challenges are just around the corner.

And, for many companies, the secrets of success can quickly turn into the seeds of failure.

For example, Kodak’s brilliance at film processing, The Gap’s obsession with chino’s and music retailer’s focus on CD’s – not to mention our investment banks’ ability to package and sell risky, complex financial products – all helped these organisations succeed when the environment was in their favour, but inhibited their desire to change and adjust as their markets changed.

There is no victory; there is only the journey. That means that you must endlessly adapt and change your organisation to new market realities, and, of course, make sure that your rock continues to roll up the hill.

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