Intentions don’t count. Strategy documents, vision statements, shared values and implementation plans mean nothing – unless they are followed by action.

For over two months I have had the intent of cycling at least 50 miles each week. I’ve even written it into my diary. But I haven’t followed through. This week I’m 50 miles short of my target!

It’s time to change this situation and turn my intentions into results, and that can only happen by taking action.

Of course, I need to accept the consequences of taking action. I will need to reduce time on other activities, better manage my time overall and rethink certain priorities.

Many companies adopt a similar approach to their strategy as I’ve had to my cycling. They are simply unwilling to accept the consequences of taking the action they know they need to take. Eventually, all the great work they do in developing their strategy simply goes to waste.

It’s time for me to hit the road and follow through on my intentions.

Which road are you on?

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