We’ve just returned from a family holiday in Ibiza. We have some friends who live there and work in the nightclub industry. One evening – which turned into morning! – they took us to some clubs. At one club my wife and I were invited onto the DJ booth, effectively a stage overlooking the dance floor.

At the risk of sounding completely old fashioned, I was surprised to see that most of the clubbers were looking at the stage and the DJ, rather than just dancing. It was clear that the DJ was on show as much as providing the music, and a quick wave of the DJ’s arm immediately transformed the atmosphere in the room.

It is the same for business leaders. You are always on show, and people are watching what you do at least as much as they are listening to what you have to say. One director I worked with always liked to discuss the body language the executive team should be adopting at the end of each board meeting, so that a consistent and positive message was shared across the organisation.

So, hands in the air, what do you do consciously do to display a positive body language for your organisation?

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