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This Week’s Focus: As you may know by now, my new book, First & Fast, was published this week. The book is focused on helping business leaders improve the speed and agility of their organisations.

In the ten years that I started my consulting business I’ve worked with dozens of companies of various shapes and sizes. The biggest differentiator between those that have continued to thrive and those that have struggled to survive is the speed at which they get things done.

Critically, the difference in speed is not really driven by the company’s technological capability or as a result of its financial resources. Instead, at its heart, organisational pace is a leadership issue. It is driven by the values, beliefs and behaviours of the leadership team.

What are the behaviours and values that you embody and demonstrate on a daily basis that encourage simplicity, focus and speed across your organisation? And in what specific ways will your business be faster in six months than it is today?

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