This week’s riff: If you want to achieve success in losing weight, the best way is to manage your calorie intake on a daily basis. Similarly, if you want to get stronger, you should undertake regular – ideally daily – exercise, and if you fancy becoming a good guitar player, you should put some time aside each day to practice and improve.

In other words, it is the regular, daily discipline of action that makes the difference in achieving your goals. I call implementation the last 98% of strategy because you will only ever succeed if you and your managers and teams across right across your organisation have the collective discipline to make it happen on a daily basis.

It’s a little like oil exploration. Without the initial identification of a possible oil field the oil company will not succeed. But that is just the start, the first 2%. The remaining 98% of the company’s success depends on how it executes to overcome the inevitable production and logistical issues in bringing the oil to the surface.

What steps are you taking to improve the daily implementation discipline of your teams so that you can deliver the final 98% of your strategy and ensure that it succeeds?


Off The Record: Discipline by Nine Inch Nails

Once I start I cannot stop myself

I need your discipline

And you know

I need your help


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