This week’s focus: For the past four years or so, I have been limited in the amount of exercise I can undertake. A series of problems with both of my shoulders has prevented any substantial physical activity (my mum was right when she told me to stand straight all those years ago!).

Lifting weights at the gym was out of the question, as was swimming – too much shoulder action. Running also led to severe shoulder pain and even riding a bike caused problems when I leant on the handlebars for more than 30 minutes.

So, after an operation, a series of injections (some successful, others less so) and some brilliant work from my physios Joe and Lucy, I found myself looking forward to a first visit to the gym this week.

My trainer Ollie (also brilliant) asked me about my goals and how quickly I wanted results. I was tempted to say that I want to lose 20-30 lbs in the next six weeks, but that’s both unrealistic and unlikely to be sustainable.

Sometimes the quickest route to lasting success is to initially set a smaller, but nearer, milestone, building the confidence and momentum for further gains. All too often, I see companies launch big change programmes, only for them to become rapidly stuck in the inertia of daily business life and too many, conflicting priorities.

Giant leaps start with small steps. As a result, even though I do want to lose 20 lbs, my first goal is simply to go to the gym and lift weights at least twice a week for the next four weeks. Once I’ve achieved that milestone, I will then set my next milestone and embed the actions, behaviours and disciplines necessary to reach my bigger goal. Watch this – hopefully diminishing – space!

What is the biggest, most ambitious giant leap that you’re looking to make? And how are you turning this big ambition into a series of short-term, action-driven steps and targets that you can rapidly achieve?


Off The Record: Walking On The Moon  by The Police

Giant steps are what you take

Walking on the moon

I hope my legs don’t break

Walking on the moon


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