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This week’s riff: Earlier this week I learned that during WW II, the Royal Air Force designed, built and deployed an interceptor fighter called the Boulton Paul Defiant. The plane’s job was to knock out German bombers, using a rear-facing four-gun turret that was located behind the pilot.

The plane’s only problem is that these guns all faced backwards. It had no forward-pointing guns at all!

Unsurprisingly, it took the German fighter pilots just a few nanoseconds to work all this out, and so they attacked directly from the front with devastating effect. So, with the plane so vulnerable in daylight, and after a brief spell focused solely on defending night raids, all the Boulton Paul Defiants were rapidly retired from active duty.

A 360º view is critical in warfare and is equally vital in business. Nokia, for instance, failed, with fatal consequences, to spot the critical nature of new competition to its mobile phone business from Apple, Samsung and cheaper Chinese manufacturers. Similarly, one senior US car manufacturing executive told Gary Hamel, the London Business School professor, that it took the US industry around 20 years to really appreciate the threat from Toyota and other Japanese manufacturers. By then, of course, the damage had been done!

What level of vision do you have on your market? Where are your blind spots? And what quality of vision do you have on the threat of competition from new, emerging competitors as well as your more established rivals?

Off The Record: I Didn’t See It Coming by Lloyd Cole

I wouldn’t change a single thing

Just that having been wrong so many, many times

It’s hard to believe that I might get it right

I didn’t see it coming

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