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Our dog, Finney, has been with us for a little over a year now, and has become a huge part of our family. My wife – who Finney mistakenly believes is the leader of our family pack! – has been looking to change his food. Her new solution is a tailor-made product designed specifically for Finney based on his breed, size, age, lifestyle and taste preferences, and which is even delivered straight to our door in a bag with Finney’s name on the side. Personalisation has come to dog food.

Many companies talk about the concept of personalisation, but few really innovate effectively in this area. Finney’s new food got me thinking about other possibilities for development. Staying in the food industry could you imagine, for instance, personalised baby and toddler food, breakfast cereals, tea and coffee blends, or diet and exercise related food products.

And what about your market? What are the opportunities for personalisation that you could be developing and offering your customers?

Off The Record: Hey Bulldog by The Beatles

Some kind of solitude

Is measured out in you

You think you know me

But you haven’t got a clue

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