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This week’s focus: High-level visions and strategies are about as useful to your people as an airliner is to commuters waiting in a bus queue. The bus passengers may briefly look up and notice the vapour trail, but even if the plane is travelling in the same direction, it cannot possibly help them reach their destination.

Similarly, your strategy will have no discernible effect on your organisation unless you can bring it down to earth and make it tangible. This means, among other things, spending the time and effort to communicate your goals, allocate resources, build the necessary skills and capabilities and re-set accountabilities and individual objectives.

In what ways do you need to bring your ‘high-level’ strategy down to earth so that your people can maximise your ‘ground-level’ results?

Off The Record: Trains And Boats And Planes by Bacharach and David

Trains and bloats and planes are passing by

They mean a trip to Paris or Rome

For someone else, but not for me

The trains and the boats and planes

Took you away, away from me

© Stuart Cross 2015. All rights reserved.