I am delighted to announce that I have become an inaugural member of The Summit Global Network (SGN). A new network of outstanding global consulting practices, Summit Global Network provides outstanding results to hundreds of clients in dozens of countries.

As SGN founder Alan Weiss, PhD notes, “We’ve formed a coalition of longstanding, highly respected consulting firms with offices in over a dozen countries to bring the best practices of the entire body to bear on the individual client needs of any one member.”

My aim in joining the network is to be able to give new value to my existing and future clients by providing access to specialist resources, new ideas and proven techniques for improvement.

We believe we’re the only global, growing network of its kind, representing the best of consulting expertise gathered from pragmatic work with some of the largest and best organizations in the world in all economies. We share resources, best practices, personnel, and expertise. It’s not unusual for a firm in Australia to provide expertise to a firm in Canada, or one in Maine to one in the United Kingdom. Our current membership resides in 7 countries and four continents.

The group’s capabilities include strategy, leadership, communications, change management, ethics, safety, cultural change, performance improvement, sales, marketing, organizational development, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, training, finance, technology, psychology and counseling, coaching, accounting, and international business expansion, among other skills.

The network comprises scores of PhDs, MBAs, and university guest lecturers. The average tenure of the 22 member firms is 18.5 years in business; over 90 books have been written by the principals and published; over 1,500 clients have been helped, including a range from Fortune 25 to small businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofits.

Awards include:

  • Consulting Magazine Top 25 Consultants in the World
  • Excellence Magazine Top 30 Leadership Development Firms Globally
  • Young President’s Organization “All Star” (highest honor)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, American Press Association
  • National Speakers Association Hall of Fame
  • Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants
  • Web Marketing Association Web Award.

Visit the SGN website where you can find out more and follow links to all members and their specialties at http://www.summitglobalnetwork.com

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