The CEO’s Strategy Handbook

How to create, sustain, and accelerate profitable growth

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The term ‘strategy’ has, with the help of consultants and academics, developed a mystique that makes it sound difficult, complicated and only for people with an IQ greater than 150. In The CEO’s Strategy Handbook I smash through this misconception, and show Chief Executive Officers that strategy is a critical element in improving the performance of their business and is a straightforward – and even enjoyable – process that they can feel confident in mastering.

The book includes case studies, self-tests, interviews with leading CEOs, charts, frameworks and action plans to help bring the ideas alive. Published by Global Professional Publishing, The CEO’s Strategy Handbook gives CEOs and senior executives provocative insights and pragmatic advice to set strategy for their business, lead the strategy process, and turn winning strategies into rapid, profitable growth.

The ten chapters are:

  1. Strategy And The CEO: Remember, You’re On The Bridge, Not In The Engine Room
  2. Strategy’s Seven Fatal Flaws: Why Strategy Gets A Bad Name And What To Do About It
  3. Creating A Strategy With Cut-Through: From Empty Clichés To A Clear Direction
  4. Where On Earth Are You Heading? A Little Analysis Can Go A Long Way; A Lot Of Analysis Can Quickly Get You Lost!
  5. Nothing Fails Like Success: Why You Must Always Be Focused On Driving Growth
  6. Bringing Your High-Level Strategy Down To Earth: Preparing For Ground-Level Success
  7. The Last 98% Of Success: Like The French Revolution It’s All About Execution
  8. Are You Pulling Together Or Pulling Apart? Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Strategy?
  9. Accelerating Growth Through Alliances And Acquisitions: As The U2 Song Goes, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
  10. A Strategy Is Not Just For Christmas: Turning Strategy Into A Way Of Life

From Our Clients

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“The most practical strategy guide in print.”

Andrew Sobel

author of the bestselling books, Clients For Life and All For One

“All of the results-driven, high-impact executives I have known and worked closely with through several decades “had dirt under their nails” and set an example with everything they said and did…as well as with everything they didn’t say and didn’t do. Similarly, Stuart Cross sets an example for other authors of business books with how he organizes and then presents the material in this book.”

Bob Morris

Editor of , Blogging On Business

“This book is a well-timed initiative for those CEOs who want to act differently, grow their business and lead from the front.”

Business Executive Magazine

“The book has a lot to teach senior management about setting a path and sticking to it. We talk about some of the businesses from around the world that he interviewed to get a global perspective on what a CEO should bring to the table. It’s a book that any business will help any business. Stuart has some fascinating points and wonderful stories that help illustrate his points – you wont be disappointed.”

Bob Garlick

Editor of , Business Book Talk

“I’ve interacted with Stuart Cross in business settings. I knew he was good at what he did. But it wasn’t until I reviewed his book, applied his strategy to my clients, and saw the results, that I knew he wasn’t good, he was great. I’m gifting this book to all my CEO clients. I’m using his book, The CEO Strategy Handbook, as the foundation of my quarterly retreats with my CEO clients. If you’re a CEO buy this book, read it, internalize it, and implement. If you’re a consultant, use this book to be perceived as a genius by your clients…end of story.”

Bill Corbett

Corbett Consulting

“I have worked with Stuart Cross for over a decade. Stuart has always helped me to think and act differently, and that is the key to innovation in any leadership role. This book will help you to act differently and lead new growth for your business.”

Alex Gourlay

CEO, Boots The Chemists (the UK’s leading pharmacy chain and health and beauty retailer)

“Having worked with Stuart Cross on strategy projects, I am delighted that he has written The CEO’s Strategy Handbook, which provides business leaders with a practicable and actionable approach to strategy. One of Stuart’s great strengths is that he gets you to be genuinely customer focused and then to decide on the best strategy to achieve your goals. The CEO’s Strategy Handbook shows you the way to do this with your team.”

Ian Filby

CEO, DFS (the UK’s leading sofa retailer)

“We work with Stuart Cross because he takes a pragmatic, hands-on yet insightful approach to strategy that forces us to address some tough questions, but which gives us the tools and support to answer them. Now, in The CEO’s Strategy Handbook, Stuart shows CEOs and senior executives everywhere how they can build a clear, winning direction for their business and dramatically improve their results.”

David Johnston

CEO , Groupe Aeroplan Europe (owner of Nectar, the UK’s leading loyalty card)

“Stuart Cross calls this work a ‘handbook’, which is like calling the Mona Lisa a sketch. It’s actually a superb approach for any leader to create a living, organic, pragmatic strategy that guides organizational decision-making. It could just as easily be called, Everything You Need To Know To Create Powerful Growth Strategies.”

Alan Weiss, PhD

Author, Million Dollar Consulting and The Consulting Bible

“If you really want to get some breakthrough thinking into your business then Stuart’s the guy to contact.”

Simon McCandlish

Commercial Director, Boots The Chemists



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