Diversey Inc

Accelerating Strategy Delivery


Client Challenge

In 2013 Diversey Inc., a global market-leading cleaning and hygiene services business based in the Netherlands, was looking to deliver a growth-led strategic turnaround. They asked Morgan Cross to help them deliver pragmatic ways to build engagement to the strategy across their operational teams and ensure excellence and faster pace in its delivery.


Our Role

  • We acted as advisors to the CEO and leading executives, providing the team with constructive challenge to help shape the development of the strategy
  • We ran a series of strategy meetings across the business – from the executive team to specific project teams – to ensure that a coherent strategy and consistent action plans was developed
  • We designed and led a two-day engagement meeting with country managers from across the world so that all local sales teams could better understand the strategy, challenge it and develop plans to help deliver it
  • We designed and oversaw follow-up meetings with the country teams to ensure consistency between local bottom-up plans and the top-down strategic ambitions of the business



The delivery of the strategy was significantly accelerated with greater levels of partnership between the central teams and the local country teams. In particular, new sales management approaches and the deployment of new products and services were delivered more quickly, driving new sales growth.


Client Testimonial

The partnership with Stuart Cross allowed us to focus on our key strategic goal and develop a very clear path to make things happen. His hands-on attitude, communication with the management team and constant challenge to leadership assumptions were critical to our successful strategy turnaround.

Pedro Chidichimo,
Chief Executive Officer,
Diversey Inc.




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